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Our little great niece loves her bear and now takes it to all of her dr appointments. She really needed something to make her smile. Thank you!

Michelle L.

Brads had a rough go lately, and this made him smile. He goes for his normal infusion Friday & having a best friend to go with certainly will help his spirits!

Allison M.

I wanted to cry when I opened my QT Bear! You have come up with something amazing and put so much work into it. It is truly heartwarming.

Candace F.

Thank you so much. I wish we could have done the opening maskless just so you could see her smile. It is an absolutely lovely thing you do. You are brightening so many lives.

Kristen S.

Jordan has been holding onto his bear all day, he says it helps him with all of his emotions. This is so special.

Chelsea M.

We have a 5 year old kiddo with autism, so mask wearing has been a transition for us. QT Bear brought ease, comfort, and happiness to our son!

Kimberly P.

My children LOVE their bears! Great quality & super cute & somthing wonderful for my children to cuddle with during these tough times.


The reactions of my students getting their bears has been overwhelming. They love them (and truly needed them). I had kids in tears telling me how much they loved them.

Suzanne R.


Special Order QT Bears

6/26/2024: Over the past 6 months, we've been getting lots of "special request" QT Bears like the Rapunzel bear you see above. We often get contacted by loved ones of children going through tough times to see if we can create something extra special for them. With help from Kiley Stotler, we've been able to make those bear dreams come true!

This Rapunzel bear went to a beautiful 6 year old girl undergoing chemo.

If you know of a child in need that would love to receive an extra special bear, please contact us so we can make it happen!

Foster Care Children

12/1/2023: We sent a huge box of QT Bears to a nonprofit called, Foster Love, where they distributed our bears to children in the foster care system. They were given as Christmas gifts, and included in their Sweet Case Duffles!

QT Bears go to Uganda!

11/18/23: In collaboration with the First Church of Torrington, CT we were able to send QT Bears to children living in the streets of Mbale, Uganda. In speaking with Eric Manana, Pastor of First Church in Uganda, he said our QT Bears lifted the childrens' spirits greatly and brought smiles to their faces!


8/31/23: With help from a 5 year old girl named Aella, we sent and distributed 150 QT Bears to Maui for children who faced devastating losses due to the fires. Aella had the idea to give teddy bears to her friends who lost their "special stuffies" in the fires, and with help from our community, we were able to go above and beyond and gift bears to 150 kids in her community. Simply amazing. Thank you to everyone who donated to make this happen!

QT Bears for John Hopkins All Children's Hospital

1/13/23: We donated over 50 QT Bears to John Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. The staff at the hospital were so grateful to receive these QTs & they shared that the bears will be great for the little ones to squeeze coming out of surgery.

This donation was made in honor of Brian Burgess who recently passed of pancreatic cancer. His wish was that these bears would go directly to children battling cancer in the oncology unit, and that's exactly where they will be handed out.

QT's for Dancers Against Cancer

9/12/22: For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we teamed up with Dancers Against Cancer to send QT Bears to current dancers who are battling cancer, or in the hospital. Dancers all around Connecticut came together to hand-make tutus for these bears to make them even more special.

Qt Bears for Ukrainian Children

5/20/22: The QT Bear Foundation sent 100 QT Bears to Oswiecim, Poland where they were gifted to Ukrainian refugee children who fled to safety with their families.

This donation was made possible by partnering with One Humanity Institute- who personally handed out our QT bears to those in need. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this very meaningful donation!

Connecticut Children's Hospital: Our largest donation yet!

2/2/22: 150 QT Bears have been donated to Connecticut Children's Medical Center & this has been our largest donation to date! These QT Bears were gifted to children in the Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders unit. We couldn't have done this without our amazing donors and all of those who attended our fundraising event "A Beary Great Cause".

A special thank you goes out to WFSB News for helping us get the word out. Thank you!

See the bears!

QT Bears for Phoenix Children's Hospital

9/15/21: With the help of many amazing donors, 100 QT bears have been sent to young patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital's Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders. This donation was a collaboration with the Tyler Hallsey Foundation . Their mission is to provide hope and joy to children diagnosed with cancer, while working tirelessly to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research.

QT Bears for Emerson Hospital

6/28/21: 100 QT Bears were delivered to Emerson Hospital's Pediatric Unit! Our real-life QT Bear came along and spread lots of smiles & bear hugs to the staff & patients at Emerson Hospital. It was an amazing day and we couldn't have done it without the support of our donors!

Click the link below to see a heartfelt photo of a patient who recieved one of our bears!

"Ellie Bear"

QT Bears for Tufts Children's Hospital

4/14/21: With help from the community, the QT Bear Foundation raised enough funds to donate a QT Bear to every child in a bed at Tuft's Children's Hospital (Boston, MA). We even made a special bear for their service dog, Bob!

Bob the Dog- Tuft's Children's Hospital

Why spread (QT) bear hugs?

Founder, Olivia here! Pictured above is me with my Dad, Bob Carlson, who has been my inspiration behind it all. Before he passed away of pancreatic cancer, we got these matching bears together. His bear is now buried with him...while mine brings me comfort when I'm missing him most. He may not be here on Earth with me anymore, but having my bear reminds me that he's never too far away.

Inspired by how much comfort something as simple as a teddy bear can bring, I created The QT Bear Foundation to help children feel comforted in times of need. My hope is that these bears can serve as a reminder of strength, love, and hope to those that need it most.

QuaranTine Bears: Where it All Began

The idea of a comforting children through the gift of a teddy bear was born during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We started as "QuaranTine Bears", but we've since shortened our name to "QT!"

We started as a small business, however, we are excited to share that we are now a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit- The QT Bear Foundation.

We will continue to meet the needs that arise and do everything we can to get our bears into the arms of children that truly need them most.

Where it all began!

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